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Our Funding Opportunities

The Children's Rare Disorders Fund accepts research proposals on a rolling basis. One- to two-year grants are offered for various amounts, up to $100,000 per year. Exceptions may apply. Continuation of funding may be available for successful proof of concepts.

The CRD Fund is focused on research aiming to find a cure or treatment for FOXG1 Syndrome. We are open to research that will cover multiple mutations, such as with forms of gene therapy and stem cell therapy, as well as mutation-specific research, such as with nonsense stop codons or duplications. We intend to find treatments or cures for all children and adults diagnosed with FOXG1 Syndrome, regardless of their mutation, and understand multiple therapies may be required to cover all mutations. Long-term, we plan to replicate successes on additional rare disorders.

We are open to novel approaches as well as to adding funding projects in order to continue or otherwise further research.
known cases of
FOXG1 worldwide
of FOXG1 children
do not live to age 3
available cures
or treatments

Research Priorities

The main area of priority is in restoring FOXG1 function.

The CRD Fund Advisory Committee has also identified the following areas of unmet need:
For potential informal examination of projects that do not address these topics, researchers may get in touch here.